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Product Offering for the Disabled

ABC Technical Solutions, Inc offers a wide range of communication products designed to assist those individuals who have vision, speech or hearing impairments and/or mobility disabilities. Our goal is to help these individuals live and work more independently. We offer a wide variety of products, such as:

Multiple devices, which turn text and symbols into speech

Eye control devices, which allow those with mobility disabilities to operate a computer without the use of a mouse

Braille assistive technologies for those with all levels of sight

Software packages designed to provide individuals with communication disabilities better ways communicate and improved independence


ABC Technical Solutions, Inc. also offers an extensive array of services and solutions to assist these individuals. We specialize in customizing our products and services to our individuals clients needs. A few of the services and solutions we offer are:

Network and Telephony Services and Solutions

IT Outsourcing

Voice Systems Solutions

Interactive Voice Response

Voice Messaging

Data and Voice Network Audits

Voice Mail

Call Centers

Automatic Call Distribution

IP Telephone




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